Creative Service for Private and State Owned Mints

I've been a professional artist for more than 20 years and a sub-contract artist for
Canadian companies in the precious metal industry for several years. I'm very
comfortable painting or illustrating any subject matter as evidenced by my portfolio. I can
paint or draw in pencil and acrylic or digitally with a tablet depending on what works best
for your needs and preferred look.

I can take your concept  from start to finish, providing a layered tiff file ready for your
engraving department. Additionally, I have assisted in trouble shooting and perfecting
other artists designs to suit the engraving process. I'm experienced in working through
the vetting process and satisfying various department requests; understanding the
importance of representing historic events and other subject matter accurately.

I work confidentially on every job. Concept development and designs are exclusive to
your company until the final release to the public.
Coin & Precious Metal Art Created by Artist Trevor Tennant
Contact me at 1(705)761-3944
or by email

Mail to: Trevor Tennant
175 Northern Ave.,
Trent Lakes, Ontario, Canada